About us

News and public debate are at a point of crisis. Divisive and extremist content designed to ingratiate and outrage shut down effective dialogue. Groupthink, echo chambers, and the breakdown of trust threaten our values and increase inter-group violence. Without a way to speak across divides, governments fail, forests burn, wars rage.

News and social media stopped working for us—co-inhabitants of the same planet and co-creators of our shared future. Politically minded moderates seek to regain agency, see what the other side sees, and form their own educated opinions. They are under served by incumbent media, and hand-me-down modes of interaction with current affairs.

Alchemiq is building something new.

  • The quickest, easiest way to form a nuanced critical perspective on divisive issues.
  • Easily scan consensual, partisan, and contested claims.
  • See what the other side sees—no blind spots.