World Leaders convene at AI Seoul summit 2024 to discuss AI safety

  • The AI Seoul Summit 2024, co-hosted by South Korea and the UK, brings together world leaders, major tech companies, and experts to discuss the risks, regulation, opportunities, and global standards for artificial intelligence (AI) technology.
  • The summit follows up on the inaugural AI Safety Summit held in the UK in November 2023, where countries agreed to work together on addressing AI risks. [,,,,,,,]
  • The UK government aims to lead in managing AI risks and opportunities, emphasizing the role of firms in building AI safety measures. []
  • Major tech companies like Meta, OpenAI, and Google are unveiling the latest versions of their AI models, while developers are setting shared safety standards through groups like the Frontier Model Forum. [,,,,,,,]
  • The success of ChatGPT has led to a surge in generative AI model development, raising concerns about potential misuse and calls for international standards. [,,,]
  • Governments globally, including the UN, US, and China, are working on regulations for AI as the technology advances rapidly, addressing risks and discussing shared standards. [,,,,,,,]
  • The summit focuses on three priorities: AI safety, innovation, and inclusivity. [,,,]