• Ukraine has introduced an AI-generated virtual spokesperson named “Victoria” to represent the country’s Foreign Ministry, as reported by multiple publications. (New York Post)

  • Victoria is an AI-powered digital avatar designed to communicate Ukraine’s messaging and policies to the world during the ongoing conflict with Russia. (New York Post)

  • Victoria’s facial expressions and voice are generated using AI technology, but her words are based on information provided by human staff at the Foreign Ministry. (The Guardian)

  • Victoria is the world’s first AI-powered government spokesperson, marking a significant step in the integration of artificial intelligence into government communications. (Republic World)

  • While Victoria’s appearance is computer-generated, her voice is that of a real person, a well-known Ukrainian actress. (Volkskrant)

  • Victoria’s introduction aims to streamline the dissemination of information and reduce the workload on human spokespeople during the ongoing war. (ETToday)

  • Victoria’s creators claim she can analyze data and provide real-time responses to questions, potentially revolutionizing how governments communicate with the public. (Daily Mail)

  • Victoria is a groundbreaking development, being the world’s first AI government representative, and could pave the way for other countries to adopt similar technology. (Times of India)