What Happened?

  • Bernie Sanders, 82, announced he will seek reelection to the U.S. Senate, emphasizing the importance of the 2024 election for maintaining democracy over authoritarianism.

  • Sanders, a prominent figure in progressive left politics, has served in Congress for a total of 22 years, originally in the House of Representatives, and has run for president twice as a Democratic candidate

  • Sanders questions whether the U.S. will move towards authoritarianism or address income and wealth inequality.

  • Despite being an independent, Sanders has mostly aligned with Democrats in Congress, holding key committee positions, and has a history of winning Senate races by substantial margins.

What conservative media is saying:

  • Sanders, a progressive who caucuses with Democrats, has pushed for significant spending during Biden’s presidency and has been critical of the administration’s aid to Israel in the Gaza conflict, highlighting the devastating impact on Palestinians. (Fox News, The Blaze, Newsmax, Breitbart)

  • Sanders advocates for national roles, free college, and against Israel funding. (Breitbart, Newsmax)

  • Sanders has won all three Senate races he has entered, including one in 2018 by a 40-point margin, and has spent over 40 years in public service, including as mayor of Burlington and in the House of Representatives. He has written and republished six books between 2011 and 2023, earning $2.5 million from book advances and royalties alone. (OANN, The Washington Times)

What liberal media is saying:

  • Sanders, the longest-serving independent in Congress, caucuses with Democrats and wields significant influence as the chairman of the Senate health committee, while also serving on multiple other committees. (The New York Times)

  • Sanders, running for a fourth term as senator, is an independent who previously served as a Democrat in Congress for 16 years and aligns with the Democratic caucus. (LA Times)

  • Sanders supports Israel’s defense but criticizes the government for escalating the conflict with Palestinian people, and opposes providing more funding to Israel for its actions against Palestinians, calling it devastating. (NBC News)

  • Sanders, at 82, is the second-oldest member of the Senate and would potentially be in his late 80s at the end of a fourth term, younger than the current oldest senator. (CNN, The Guardian)

  • Sanders pledges to continue supporting Vermont residents in challenging times if re-elected, leveraging his positions in Senate committees and Democratic leadership roles, and has highlighted concerns about former President Trump’s potential reelection bid in 2024. (CNN, The Guardian, LA Times)

  • Sanders stressed the need to improve public healthcare, combat climate change, care for veterans, and protect abortion rights. (The Guardian, CNN, LA Times)

  • Sanders is the longest-serving independent member in US history, completing his third term in the Senate after 16 years in the House, and called the 2024 election the most consequential, raising questions about democracy, wealth inequality, and government representation. (CNN, The Guardian)