• Nvidia introduced its Blackwell AI computing platform, designed to support trillion-parameter large language models and multi-modal AI systems, with plans for rapid adoption across various industries. [oglobo.globo.com, welt.de, kleinezeitung.at, news.yesky.com, cnbc.com, japan.cnet.com, benzinga.com]
  • Nvidia’s business is growing rapidly due to the AI boom, with revenue increasing by 262% in the last quarter to $26 billion, and the demand for Nvidia’s new chip systems is so high that shortages are expected to continue into next year. [yahoo.com, welt.de, kleinezeitung.at]
  • The company’s data center business experienced significant growth, contributing to Tesla’s expansion of its AI training cluster to 35,000 H100 GPUs, leading to performance improvements in Tesla’s autonomous driving software. [benzinga.com]
  • Founder of the tech giant declares that the next industrial revolution has begun, with the company’s AI accelerators becoming essential for developing advanced technologies, and its market valuation reaching $2.3 trillion. [oglobo.globo.com]
  • Nvidia’s technology is now used not only for training AI models but also for running AI applications, which could lead to even more stable revenue, as training requires significant computing power but is a one-time process. [welt.de]
  • The latest chip system, “Blackwell,” is more powerful than the previous generation and is set to be delivered to customers soon, including tech giants like Meta and Amazon’s AWS, and the company expects revenue to continue to grow, with a forecast of $28 billion for the current quarter. [welt.de]
  • Nvidia also operates the “Omniverse” platform, allowing companies to better manage their factories using digital twins, and the company supplies Mercedes with auto computers for driver assistance features. [welt.de]