• Federal safety regulators have opened investigations into Waymo’s self-driving vehicles following reports of crashes, safety law violations, and concerns about the software’s ability to avoid collisions with stationary objects and traffic control devices. [pcmag.com, reuters.com, sueddeutsche.de, infobae.com, finance.yahoo.com, yahoo.com,techcrunch.com]
  • Waymo, a Robotaxi firm, is under the focus of the US transportation authority NHTSA, which has expanded its list of incidents it has questions about, and Waymo has recalled 444 self-driving vehicles due to a software error causing inaccurate predictions, while also starting commercial self-driving services in San Francisco in 2023 with plans to expand. [pcmag.com, reuters.com, sueddeutsche.de, thescottishsun.co.uk, cnbeta.com.tw]
  • The NHTSA has increased its inquiries into automated driving technology, including investigations into Amazon-backed Zoox’s AVs and General Motors Cruise, as well as a settlement of over $8 million for an incident involving General Motors Co.’s Cruise automated driving system. [finance.yahoo.com]
  • Waymo’s technology has steadily improved since 2018, with the company focusing on remote operators for assistance in challenging situations, while Tesla’s transition to fully self-driving may require a gradual approach similar to Waymo’s for safety. [cnbeta.com.tw, infomoney.com.br]
  • Self-driving trucks possess major competencies of traditional trucks and can be fully or partially autonomous, with the global market expected to grow due to rising environmental concerns and benefits like reduced wind drag and fewer accidents. [taiwannews.com.tw, pcmag.com, reuters.com]
  • The rise of robots and AI is a concern for many in regards to job security, but AI technologies could also create new industries and services, contributing to long-term revenue growth, while the potential for wealth creation and redistribution may not be evenly distributed, impacting job displacement and inequality. [thescottishsun.co.uk, finance.yahoo.com]


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