• Chinese automakers, particularly in the electric vehicle (EV) sector, are rapidly expanding globally, with exports reaching 1.83 million units in the first four months of 2023, a 33.4% year-on-year increase, making China the world’s largest auto exporter. (chinadaily.com.cn)
  • Chinese EV brands like BYD, Leapmotor, and Xpeng are partnering with dealerships and launching joint ventures in Europe, Australia, and other markets to sell their vehicles. (chinadaily.com.cn)
  • The low prices of Chinese EVs, such as the BYD Seagull priced around $12,000, could disrupt the global auto industry, while American EVs are more expensive due to higher labor costs and China’s advancement in battery technology. (theweek.com)
  • The Biden administration is imposing tariffs of up to 100% on Chinese exports of electric vehicles and other imported goods, while the Trump administration was a protectionist and suggested imposing tariffs on all imports. (theweek.com)
  • The President’s new emissions standards could effectively serve as a ban on most new gas car sales by 2032, raising costs and pushing American drivers towards electric vehicles, according to industry experts. (foxnews.com)
  • The US tariffs on Chinese products are aimed at protecting American workers and businesses, but experts doubt their effectiveness in benefiting the US manufacturing sector. (spanish.xinhuanet.com, chinadaily.com.cn)
  • Canada is considering increasing tariffs on electric vehicles manufactured in China due to new taxes announced by the White House, and the Biden administration’s tariff policy may weaken the US economy and affect consumers’ purchasing power. (com.mx, spanish.xinhuanet.com, chinadaily.com.cn)
  • Chinese auto companies are engaged in a ‘price war’ that will impact the automotive market, leading to delayed payments to suppliers and potential consolidation in the EV sector. (com.mx, com.mx)
  • American automakers risk losing profits if they fail to catch up in zero-emission vehicle production, and China has criticized the politicization of economic issues by the US, pledging to safeguard its rights and interests in response to US actions. (finance.yahoo.com)