• Haley announced that she will vote for Trump in the 2024 presidential election, despite previously criticizing his actions surrounding the January 6th Capitol riot. [CBS News, The Washington Post]
  • In an interview with The Associated Press, Haley stated, “I had publicly criticized him over Jan. 6. And I’m proud of that criticism. But he was also right on the policies that matter for America.” [The Associated Press]
  • The former South Carolina Governor praised Trump’s policies on issues like the economy, border security, and foreign policy, while acknowledging her disagreement with his behavior after the 2020 election. [CNN]
  • The endorsement has drawn criticism from some Republicans who view it as a reversal of Haley’s previous stance against Trump’s actions on January 6th. [The Washington Post]
  • Some political analysts suggest that Haley’s endorsement could be an attempt to position herself as a potential running mate for Trump or a future candidate for a high-level position in his administration. [Financial Times]
  • Haley’s endorsement comes as other potential Republican candidates, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, are also positioning themselves for a potential 2024 bid. [Bhol News]