• A full set of the legendary Dove Type has been assembled and is now on display on presentation in a London exhibition featuring historical treasures. (news.artnet.com, lbhf.gov.uk)

  • The Doves Type, a unique typeface created in 1900 for the Doves Press, was infamously thrown into the River Thames by its co-creator, T.J. Cobden-Sanderson, following a dispute with his business partner, Emery Walker, in the early 20th century. (news.artnet.com, typespec.co.uk, creativereview.co.uk, lbhf.gov.uk)

  • The act of throwing the type into the river has been seen as a significant part of the Arts & Crafts movement, with Cobden-Sanderson considering it a ‘consecration’ due to his obsession with the beauty of the type. (lbhf.gov.uk)

  • Individual letters of the Doves Type have been found by mudlarkers along the river over the years. (news.artnet.com, lbhf.gov.uk)

  • Recovering the typeface was a mission that captivated graphic designer Robert Green and architect Jason Sandy, who have embarked on missions to find and recover original pieces from the river. (news.artnet.com, typespec.co.uk, creativereview.co.uk, lbhf.gov.uk)

  • A full set has now been assembled, making it a star exhibit in a show featuring historical treasures. (news.artnet.com, lbhf.gov.uk)

  • In 2013, Green released a digital facsimile of the type, which has been updated to include extended glyph coverage, small caps, lining and tabular figures, adjusted tracking, and kerning for modern usage, making the lost typeface available for use once again. (typespec.co.uk)