• Peter Magyar, a former ally of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, has emerged as a leading voice against Orban’s government, drawing thousands to opposition rallies across the country. (The Guardian, Times of India, Bloomberg, Yahoo News)

  • At a rally in Hodmezovasarhely, a ruling party stronghold, Magyar accused Orban’s government of corruption and authoritarianism, declaring that “Hungary is tired of the ruling elite.” (The Guardian, Times of India, Bloomberg)

  • Magyar’s rallies have galvanized opposition to Orban’s 14-year rule, with supporters chanting “Revolution!” and carrying banners criticizing the government’s policies. (The Straits Times, El Pais)

  • The demonstrations come amid Hungary’s worst political crisis in over a decade, with Orban facing allegations of misusing EU funds and undermining democratic institutions. (El Pais, Le Monde)

  • Orban’s critics accuse him of cronyism, suppressing media freedom, and consolidating power through constitutional changes favoring his Fidesz party. (The Associated Press, Indian Express)

  • Magyar, a former member of Fidesz, has positioned himself as a unifying figure for the fragmented opposition, calling for a broad coalition to challenge Orban’s grip on power. (Yahoo News, Newsmax)

  • The government has dismissed Magyar’s movement as a “political circus,” accusing him of seeking personal gain and aligning with foreign interests. (Aftonbladet)

  • Analysts suggest that Magyar’s ability to mobilize large crowds in Fidesz strongholds could signal a shift in public sentiment against Orban’s increasingly authoritarian rule. (Bloomberg, The Guardian)