• The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has been targeted in a major cyber attack, resulting in a data breach that exposed personal information of military personnel. (The Times of India, The Independent, The Guardian)

  • The breach is suspected to be the work of Chinese state-sponsored hackers, according to reports from Sky News and other media outlets. (Sky News, The Independent)

  • The compromised data includes personal details and payroll information of thousands of military personnel and civil servants working for the MoD. (The Guardian, The Independent)

  • The UK government has acknowledged the cyber incident but has not officially attributed the attack to any specific entity or country. (The Associated Press, The Economic Times)

  • UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace is expected to make a statement in Parliament regarding the data breach. (The Independent)

  • The incident has raised concerns about the UK’s cybersecurity measures and the potential impact on national security. (The Economic Times)

  • The UK government has stated that it takes cybersecurity seriously and remains vigilant against such threats. (Yahoo News)

  • The breach has prompted calls for an investigation and a review of the MoD’s cybersecurity protocols. (The Independent)