• Apple unveiled a new lineup of iPad models, including the iPad Pro with the M4 chip and a larger iPad Air, at its annual product launch event on May 7th.
  • To promote the new iPad Pro, Apple released a dystopian ad titled “Crush” depicting a human writer being crushed by a massive iPad screen, symbolizing the superiority of AI over human creativity. (The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC News)
  • The ad sparked widespread backlash and criticism from viewers, who found it disturbing, insensitive, and tone-deaf amid growing concerns about the impact of AI on human jobs and creativity. (The Economic Times, The Independent, Globes, CNN, The Washington Post, NBC News)
  • Some publications, such as The Western Journal, The Daily Caller, and The Blaze, condemned the ad as “horrifying” and “dystopian,” accusing Apple of promoting a disturbing message about the dominance of AI over humans.
  • Axios and Business Insider reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook was “ratioed” on Twitter, with his tweet promoting the ad receiving significantly more critical replies than likes or retweets.
  • The backlash prompted Apple to defend the ad, with a spokesperson stating that it was meant to be “thought-provoking” and “spark a conversation about the role of technology in our lives.” (The New York Times, The Washington Post)