• The Arakan Army, an ethnic armed group in Myanmar, claims to have captured a military command post and imprisoned hundreds of government soldiers in Rakhine state. (Fox News, Arab News)
  • The attack is seen as a major blow to Myanmar’s military, which has been struggling to contain escalating conflicts with ethnic armed groups. (Fox News, Arab News)
  • The Arakan Army has been fighting for greater autonomy for the Rakhine people in western Myanmar. (AP News)
  • The conflict has displaced over 3 million people in Myanmar, according to the United Nations. (Economic Times, Tasnim News Agency, The New Humanitarian)
  • Mizoram state in India has received over 34,000 refugees from Myanmar due to the ongoing civil war. (Economic Times)
  • The Rohingya, a Muslim minority group in Myanmar, have faced persecution and violence, with many fleeing to neighboring countries. (Al Jazeera)
  • Analysts suggest there is a crucial window for Myanmar’s military to regain control before the situation deteriorates further. (Yahoo News)