• Google is rolling out the Magic Editor feature and other AI-powered editing tools like Magic Eraser, Unblur, and Cinematic photos in the Google Photos app to more users, including those on older Android devices and non-Pixel smartphones, without the need for a Google One subscription. [retailnews.asia, newsbytesapp.com]
  • The Magic Editor allows users to select and edit photos with precision using tap, circle, or brush tools, and provides AI-powered editing capabilities like removing unwanted objects, sharpening blurry images, and creating cinematic-style photos. [newsbytesapp.com, retailnews.asia]
  • While Pixel phone users will have unlimited access to all Magic Editor tools, non-Pixel device users may have a limited number of free edits per month (up to 10 edited photos), and additional edits may require a Google One Premium plan or a Pixel smartphone. [newsbytesapp.com, retailnews.asia, techradar.com, thurrott.com, exbulletin.com]
  • The rollout of Magic Editor and other AI editing tools in the Google Photos app is gradual, and the feature may not immediately appear on all devices. Users may need to update their Google Photos app and have compatible versions to access these features. [thurrott.com, exbulletin.com, androidworld.nl, gearrice.com, punto-informatico.it]
  • Google confirmed that AI editing tools, including the Magic Eraser, will be accessible to all Google Photos users for free, with some limitations, and the free AI editing tools will be rolled out to non-Pixel devices. [gearrice.com, androidworld.nl]
  • The move aims to make advanced photo editing capabilities more widely available and empower users to enhance their content without technical expertise. [retailnews.asia]
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