• Zhang Zhan, a Chinese citizen journalist, was released from prison after serving four years for her reporting on the initial months of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Chinese government’s response in Wuhan. [firstpost.com, 24.sapo.pt, nbcnews.com, abcnews.go.com, oglobo.globo.com, welt.de, afpbb.com, hongkongfp.com]
  • She was sentenced to four years in prison on vague charges of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” for her critical coverage of the Covid-19 outbreak and the authorities’ handling of it. [nbcnews.com, abcnews.go.com, newsmax.com, lemonde.fr, dw.com, afpbb.com, hongkongfp.com, firstpost.com, 24.sapo.pt]
  • Despite her release, Zhang Zhan remains under strict surveillance, with her interactions and daily life still monitored and her freedom severely limited. [oglobo.globo.com, welt.de, afpbb.com, hongkongfp.com, lalibre.be, noticiasaominuto.com, firstpost.com, 24.sapo.pt]
  • Zhang Zhan went on a hunger strike during her detention and was forcibly fed at times, leading to a significant weight loss. [nbcnews.com, abcnews.go.com, welt.de]
  • In February 2020, Zhang Zhan traveled to Wuhan and filmed barriers and guards preventing residents from leaving their homes, criticizing the authorities’ health policy as a human rights violation. [lalibre.be, digi24.ro, dnoticias.pt, afpbb.com, hongkongfp.com]
  • Other citizen journalists like Fang Bin and Chen Qiushi were also jailed or disappeared for documenting the pandemic in China, highlighting the sensitivity around the coronavirus. [abcnews.go.com, nbcnews.com, newsmax.com, greenfieldreporter.com, dnoticias.pt]
  • Human rights organizations, including Reporters Without Borders and Amnesty International, have expressed concerns about Zhang Zhan’s health and the continued restrictions on her freedom of movement, even after her release. [leparisien.fr, kleinezeitung.at, afpbb.com, hongkongfp.com]