• A catastrophic landslide occurred around 3 am on May 24th in the remote, mountainous village of Yambali in Enga province, Papua New Guinea, completely burying the village and leaving over 1,250 people homeless. [bbc.com, cbsnews.com, dw.com, asia.nikkei.com, balkans.aljazeera.net, welt.de, huffpost.com, france24.com, cbc.ca, blitzquotidiano.it]
  • The death toll is estimated to be between 670 and 2,000 by the UN and national authorities, with the International Organization for Migration estimating over 670 casualties. However, the actual number is believed to be much higher, potentially over 2,000 people buried alive. [nbcnews.com, independent.co.uk, cbsnews.com, bbc.com, cnn.com, balkans.aljazeera.net, welt.de, huffpost.com, france24.com, cbc.ca, blitzquotidiano.it]
  • Rescue efforts are severely hampered by the remote location, unstable terrain, ongoing rockfalls, flowing water, risk of new landslides, and tribal violence, with rescuers working in dangerous conditions using basic tools. [balkans.aljazeera.net, welt.de, france24.com, huffpost.com, cbc.ca, blitzquotidiano.it, nbcnews.com, independent.co.uk, dw.com, elpais.com]
  • The landslide may have been triggered by heavy rains in the region, which is prone to frequent and intense precipitation, and climate change-induced variations in rainfall patterns are increasing the risk of such disasters in Papua New Guinea. [france24.com, huffpost.com, elmundo.es]
  • The government of Papua New Guinea is considering seeking more international support, and the United States and Australia have expressed readiness to provide additional assistance. A mining company has provided excavators to aid in rescue efforts. [nbcnews.com, independent.co.uk, cnn.com, lemonde.fr, cbsnews.com, bbc.com]
  • Residents of Yambali village were surprised in their sleep by the landslide at 3 am and had no time to escape. Rescuers were trying to evacuate 1,250 survivors to safer areas on Sunday, as further landslides were possible. The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Federation warned locals to be cautious while searching for loved ones due to ongoing landslide risks. [theguardian.com]
  • Inter-tribal violence along the only main road leading to Enga province may disrupt relief operations, and heavy rain in the region raised concerns about additional landslides and the safety of rescue operations. [bbc.com, cbsnews.com]