What happened?

  • Noem’s memoir “No Going Back” included inaccurate claims, such as an anecdote about meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, which her office later acknowledged as an error.

  • Noem faced backlash after admitting to killing her 14-month-old dog, Cricket, following an attack on chickens. Describing the act as a “tough decision,” she faced criticism, with some Republicans questioning her judgment.

  • Republican senators are now looking to other contenders, such as Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (R), to round out former President Trump’s ticket, and they want someone who could reassure mainstream and moderate Republicans who didn’t support Trump in the past.

What is conservative media saying:

  • Noem attended a private donor retreat in Florida with Gov. Doug Burgum, and a private donor event in Palm Beach, Florida, showcased potential running mates for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Washington Examiner, Newsmax.

  • Noem faced backlash over an excerpt revealing she shot her dog after it attacked chickens, and her fundraiser in Colorado was canceled due to threats. Washington Examiner.

  • Noem claimed she was justified in euthanizing the dog under the law, and chickens are not considered livestock under South Dakota law. Washington Examiner

What is liberal media saying:

  • Several of Donald Trump’s potential vice presidential picks, including Noem, echoed the former president’s doubts about election results and criticized President Joe Biden’s handling of campus protests. CNN.
  • Noem’s memoir offers ideas on moving forward under Trump’s leadership and aims to establish her tough image, but the book is facing backlash for containing exaggerated claims. Politico, Independent.

  • Noem also criticized Biden’s dog for attacking Secret Service agents. Politico, Time, New York Times, NBC News.

  • Noem’s claim in her book regarding declining an invitation to meet French President Emmanuel Macron was denied by Macron’s office, and the book includes a controversial incident where she chose to put down a goat on her farm. Independent, The Guardian.

  • Noem left a private donor retreat early and was not included in Trump’s VP shortlist announcement, and fellow Republicans have doubts about her chances of being chosen as Trump’s running mate. The Guardian.

  • The idea of diversifying the GOP ticket to appeal to minority and women voters is gaining support among Republicans, and several lawmakers argue that Trump should pick a running mate who is Black, Hispanic, or a woman to broaden the ticket’s appeal. The Hill.