• Israel claims it conducted a major military operation in Rafah, Gaza to establish operational control over the Philadelphi Corridor buffer zone between Gaza and Egypt. The aim was to investigate and neutralize tunnels used by Hamas for weapons smuggling from Sinai. [aljazeera.com, bbc.com, nytimes.com, english.aawsat.com, m.economictimes.com, news.yahoo.com, ynetnews.com, haaretz.com, reuters.com]
  • The operation uncovered at least 20 tunnels and 82 access points previously unknown to Israel, which will be investigated and destroyed. Dozens of rockets ready for launch were also seized near the Israeli-Egyptian border. [ynetnews.com, haaretz.com, breitbart.com, jpost.com]
  • Egypt denies the existence of tunnels in the Philadelphi Corridor area and accuses Israel of using allegations to justify attacks on Rafah. Egyptian sources suggest Israel’s accusations aim to justify military actions and prolong the conflict for political reasons. [news.yahoo.com, newagebd.net, bbc.com]
  • Israel’s actions in Rafah violated its treaty with Egypt regarding the buffer zone along the border, and the international community raised objections over the fate of Palestinian civilians. [aljazeera.com, yahoo.com]
  • The United States and other allies warned Israel against a full-fledged offensive in Rafah, fearing a humanitarian catastrophe. [english.aawsat.com]
  • Tensions rose between Egypt and Israel after Israeli forces took control of Rafah, with an Egyptian soldier killed in an incident involving Egyptian and Israeli troops near the border. [bbc.com]
  • Egypt’s President Sisi urged the international community to provide long-term humanitarian assistance to Gaza, end the Israeli siege, prevent Palestinians from being forcibly displaced, and criticized Israeli actions in the region. [newagebd.net]
  • Control of the Philadelphi Corridor will enable Israel to block smuggling routes used by Hamas to bring weapons into Gaza. Israeli tanks pushed into certain areas in Rafah before retreating towards the buffer zone on the Egypt border. [breitbart.com, jpost.com]