• Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Mustafa met with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and officials from Middle Eastern countries in Madrid, reflecting Spain’s commitment to ending violence and achieving a two-state solution. [pbs.org, foxnews.com, jpost.com, france24.com, naharnet.com, israelnationalnews.com, newsmax.com]
  • Mustafa welcomed Spain’s recognition of Palestine, strengthening their resolve for peace, and Spain’s Foreign Minister demanded Israel stop aggression in Rafah and comply with international law. [english.wafa.ps, apnews.com]
  • Spain emphasized the importance of a ceasefire and unhindered humanitarian aid access in Gaza, and their recognition of Palestine aims for justice, reinforcing the two-state solution. [english.wafa.ps, apnews.com]
  • Over 140 countries, comprising over two-thirds of the UN, recognize a Palestinian state. Spain, Ireland, and Norway recently recognized a Palestinian state, a move criticized by Israel but seen as a victory for Palestinians and a beacon of hope for a two-state solution and peace. [foxnews.com, france24.com, jpost.com, pbs.org, foxnews.com, israelnationalnews.com, newsmax.com, naharnet.com]
  • The Joint Arab Islamic Ministerial Committee on Gaza, headed by the Saudi Foreign Minister, met in Madrid to discuss current events in Gaza and emphasize the need for a ceasefire, an end to Israeli aggression, and the introduction of sustainable humanitarian aid. [jpost.com, france24.com]
  • Nine out of the 27 EU member states officially recognize a Palestinian state, with Slovenia set to make a decision. [apnews.com, english.wafa.ps]
  • Spain’s relations with Israel strained due to criticism of Israel’s actions in Gaza. [israelnationalnews.com, newsmax.com]