What happened?

  • A group of conservative federal judges appointed by former President Trump have vowed not to hire law students and graduates from Columbia University due to the school’s handling of anti-Israel protests. [foxnews.com, washingtontimes.com, newsmax.com, theepochtimes.com]
  • The judges accused Columbia of becoming an “incubator of bigotry” following pro-Palestinian protests on campus related to the Israel-Hamas conflict. [foxnews.com, washingtontimes.com, newsmax.com, theepochtimes.com, thehill.com, axios.com, washingtonpost.com, cnn.com, independent.co.uk]
  • The judges stated they would stop hiring from Columbia starting with the class of 2024 unless there are changes to restore academic freedom. [newsmax.com, foxnews.com, washingtontimes.com, thehill.com]
  • Columbia Law Dean Gillian Lester supported the school’s graduates after the judges’ threat. [thehill.com]
  • Lester stated that Columbia Law graduates are highly sought after by top employers, including the judiciary. [thehill.com]
  • NYPD officers in riot gear intervened to disperse protesters at Columbia’s campus, leading to evacuations and arrests of non-students. [thehill.com, axios.com]
  • Columbia University provided no comment on the judges’ letter. [thehill.com]

What is conservative media saying?

  • The judges have expressed a loss of confidence in Columbia as an institution of higher education. [theepochtimes.com, newsmax.com]
  • Some judges accused Columbia of having a double standard in handling student protests based on political views. [theepochtimes.com, newsmax.com]
  • The boycott may have limited impact as only 5% of Columbia Law graduates in 2023 went into federal clerkships. [newsmax.com]

What is liberal media saying?

  • The judges believe Columbia has fostered disruptions, antisemitism, and a lack of tolerance for diverse viewpoints in its handling of pro-Palestinian demonstrations. [washingtonpost.com, cnn.com, independent.co.uk]
  • The judges outlined steps Columbia should take, including recommending consequences for involved students and faculty. [washingtonpost.com, cnn.com, independent.co.uk]
  • The judges’ actions could significantly impact Columbia students’ employment prospects, as alumni secure prestigious judicial clerkships. [cnn.com, independent.co.uk]
  • Columbia has been at the center of recent protests against the Gaza war, leading to clashes between students, faculty, and law enforcement across the US. [independent.co.uk]
  • Columbia President Minouche Shafik aims to restore calm on campus and address issues raised during protests. [independent.co.uk]