What happened?

  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) attempted to force a vote to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) from his position. [commondreams.org, latimes.com, thehill.com, westernjournal.com, washingtonexaminer.com, breitbart.com, washingtontimes.com]

  • The House voted 359-43 to table Greene’s motion, with 11 Republicans and 32 Democrats voting against tabling the motion. [washingtonexaminer.com, thehill.com]

  • Democrats ensured Johnson remained as Speaker, with a significant majority opposing Greene’s motion. [breitbart.com, washingtonexaminer.com, thehill.com]

  • Johnson remains safe for now but is in a precarious position being propped up by Democrats, possibly causing conservative backlash. [thehill.com]

What is conservative media saying?

  • Former President Donald Trump opposed Greene’s motion, stating “this is not the time” for such a move. [breitbart.com]

  • Trump praised Greene’s “spirit” and “fight,” believing she will be around for a while, and urged Republicans to vote for tabling the motion, expressing confidence in a win. [breitbart.com]

  • Majority Leader Steve Scalise moved to table Greene’s motion, and the final vote tally was 359-43, with ten Republicans not voting and eleven voting against tabling. [breitbart.com]

  • Greene’s effort received more GOP support than McCarthy’s removal last year, and Republicans may consider filing a similar motion in the future. [washingtonexaminer.com, breitbart.com]

  • Greene detailed her grievances against Johnson, including his support for spending bills, FISA reauthorization, and foreign aid. [breitbart.com, washingtonexaminer.com]

  • Members of the Main Street Caucus criticized Greene’s actions, with Chairman Dusty Johnson calling her behavior destructive. [washingtonexaminer.com]

  • Greene accused Johnson’s office of leaking a private conversation and insisted on demands for halting military aid to Ukraine. [westernjournal.com]

What is liberal media saying?

  • Rep. Pramila Jayapal criticized the GOP “chaos caucus” for wasting time infighting instead of helping the American people. [commondreams.org]
  • House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries emphasized the need for common sense and less chaos in Washington, D.C. [commondreams.org]


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