What happened?

  • Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, is expected to testify as a key witness against Trump in the criminal trial in New York.
  • Cohen is the most important witness for the Manhattan district attorney, and his testimony is crucial for the outcome of the case.
  • Defense lawyers plan to cross-examine Cohen, portraying him as an “admitted liar” with an agenda against Trump.
  • Defense lawyers are expected to challenge Cohen’s credibility and portray him as vindictive.

What is conservative media saying:

  • Prosecutors in the case have insufficient evidence beyond Michael Cohen’s testimony, who has been posting strange TikToks and promoting a reality-TV show concept. [nypost.com]
  • Sen. J.D. Vance believes the trial is a distraction from the failures of the Biden administration and an attempt to divert attention from global crises and economic hardships. [foxnews.com]
  • Michael Cohen, a disbarred and convicted perjurer, is expected to testify, but prosecutors have repeatedly asked him to stay quiet about the case, which he has not complied with. [nypost.com]
  • The defense will move for a direct verdict based on insufficient evidence after the government closes its case. [nypost.com]

What is liberal media saying:

  • The Manhattan district attorney has accumulated independent evidence corroborating Cohen’s account. [nytimes.com, cnn.com]
  • Cohen has detailed knowledge of Trump’s business and personal affairs and has been involved in efforts to break the law and evade accountability. He has turned on Trump to atone for his past crimes and expose Trump’s wrongdoing. [cnn.com]
  • The trial involving Cohen’s testimony could have significant implications for Trump’s political future and legal standing. [cnn.com]
  • Trump’s lawyers argue he didn’t do anything wrong in the hush-money trial, blaming Michael Cohen. [businessinsider.com]
  • Cohen paid hush money to Daniels using Trump’s money, prosecutors say. [businessinsider.com]
  • Prosecutors must prove Trump knew checks to Cohen were for hush money. [businessinsider.com]
  • Cohen pleaded guilty to several charges, including tax crimes and lying to Congress. [cnn.com]
  • Cohen’s guilty plea led to an investigation into hush money payments that implicated Trump. [cnn.com]