What Happened?

  • Pro-Palestinian protesters broke through barriers and police blockades at MIT to encircle tents and call for an end to Gaza killings, blocking traffic on Massachusetts Avenue.

  • Protesters at MIT broke through fencing, encircled tents, and blocked Massachusetts Avenue during rush hour, leading to police restrictions and a deadline for the protesters to leave voluntarily.

  • MIT President Sally Kornbluth gave protesters until 2:30 pm to leave the encampment on Kresge Oval, citing the threat of outside interference and potential disciplinary actions, including suspension, for students who refused to leave.

What International media is saying:

  • Protesters at MIT, RISD, UNC, and other universities are calling for divestment from companies tied to the Israel-Hamas conflict and protesting the universities’ research ties with the Israeli Ministry of Defense. (The Washington Times, Townhall, AP)

  • Protesters created a human chain around the tents set up for over two weeks, citing MIT’s direct research ties to the Israeli Ministry of Defense and calling for the university to divest from Israeli investments. (CBS News, The Guardian)

  • The ongoing protests have prompted concerns and increased security measures, and university administrations are facing criticism for their responses, with some viewed as appeasing the protesters. (Townhall, The Washington Times, AP)

  • Another group of protesters, consisting of high schoolers and public school teachers, attempted to enter the MIT School of Engineering but ended up on Mass. Ave., while a small group of pro-Israel protesters were surrounded by police. (CBS News)

  • Jewish students were advised to avoid the area for safety reasons, and there was uncertainty if the protesters would stay in the tents overnight. (CBS News)

What Israeli media is saying:

  • Pro-Palestinian protesters broke through fencing and staged a sit-in at an encampment on the MIT campus, with some chanting controversial statements and calling for violence against Zionists and Israel. (The Times of Israel, JNS)

  • Police blocked access to the encampment, and the video sparked outrage and condemnation from various sources, including an Israeli student at MIT who expressed heartbreak over the hate on campus. (The Times of Israel, JNS)

  • The protesters plan to stay overnight at the Kresge Oval, and the incident has contributed to the ongoing debate on free speech versus hate speech in universities. (The Times of Israel, JNS)

What Arab media is saying:

  • Despite official statements and police actions, students continue protesting at various universities including Harvard and MIT where they maintain open sit-ins. (Al Jazeera)

  • Protesters reject pressure and threats to end their sit-ins, pushing back against accusations of violence and anti-Semitism. (Al Jazeera)

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s administration refused to take down a fence around the pro-Palestine student protest camp, demanding an end to the university’s academic ties with the Israeli army. (Al Jazeera)