What happened?

  • Queen Rania criticized the international community’s failure to stop Israeli atrocities in Gaza, warning that it sets a dangerous precedent and undermines the rules-based global order.

  • The Queen condemned the dehumanization of Palestinians in Israeli society and the lack of empathy towards their suffering, while also condemning anti-Semitism and advocating for Muslims to fight against it.

  • Rania urged the international community, including the US, to use political influence to force Israel to end the war and allow aid entry.

What is international media saying:

  • Palestinians and others in the Middle East view the U.S. as an “enabler” of Israel in its war with Hamas, as the U.S. is seen as providing support to Israel, and Queen Rania argues that the U.S., as Israel’s closest ally, should hold Israel accountable for its actions.(CBS News)

  • Queen Rania defended anti-Israel protests on US campuses, saying students seek peace and justice, and criticized labeling protesters as pro-Hamas, pro-terrorism, or antisemitic as inaccurate and patronizing. (New York Post)

  • Jordan maintains its peace treaty with Israel, but trust has been eroded due to violations and tensions, with concerns raised about potential consequences if Israel enters southern Gaza, particularly in Rafah.(CBS News)

What is Israeli media saying:

  • Queen Rania expressed support for student protests on US campuses, rejecting accusations of anti-Semitism, and called on protesting students to obey campus rules and not disrupt classes.(Mako, Ynet News)

  • Rania questioned if this is the end of the peace agreement and highlighted issues between Israel and Jordan, emphasizing the importance of maintaining trust in diplomacy. (Mako)

  • The Queen criticized Israel during the interview, mentioning the terror attacks by Hamas in Gaza, but also condemned Hamas atrocities and empathized with the trauma experienced by Israelis.(Mako, Ynet News)

  • Queen Rania emphasized that Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people and urged Muslims to lead the fight against anti-Semitism, highlighted a series of demonstrations in Jordan in solidarity with Palestinians, some of which led to arrests, and emphasized the importance of not allowing Israel to enter the Temple Mount.(Mako, Ynet News)

  • Rania defended the right to criticize Israel without it being considered anti-Semitic.(Mako, Ynet News)

What is Arab media saying:

  • Queen Rania argued that the failure to hold Israel accountable fosters a culture of impunity and undermines international norms and standards. She stated that Gaza exemplifies the breakdown of the global order and a return to a “might makes right” mentality.(Al Ghad, Al Quds, Al Bawaba)

  • Criticizing the State of Israel is not equivalent to anti-Semitism, and student protests in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza are driven by a desire for social justice.(Ya Libnan)