What Happened?

  • Hamas has agreed to a ceasefire proposal to end the war with Israel. 

  • Israel conducted night air strikes on Rafah and Israeli tanks entered eastern Rafah as part of a military operation. [ft.com, axios.com]

  • The proposed deal includes the release of Israeli captives in Gaza and Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails. 

  • The agreement aims for a ceasefire, return of displaced people, relief efforts, and prisoner exchange. 

What is Arab media saying:

  • The proposed agreement includes a 42-day ceasefire period, partial withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza, and the complete blockade on Gaza to end. [arabnews.com, aljazeera.com]

  • The deal is divided into three phases over periods of 42 days each. [arabnews.com]

  • Phase two involves another 42-day period aimed at restoring a “sustainable calm” in Gaza and complete withdrawal of Israeli troops, while Hamas releases Israeli captives in exchange for
    Palestinian prisoner releases. [arabnews.com]

  • Phase three will include the exchange of bodies and a reconstruction plan for Gaza overseen by international parties. [arabnews.com, aljazeera.com]

What is International media saying:

  • Palestinians celebrated Hamas accepting the ceasefire proposal. [apnews.com]

  • Israel is studying the terms, finding some unacceptable, and will continue military action while targeting Hamas in Rafah. [apnews.com, algemeiner.com, ft.com, economictimes.indiatimes.com]

  • Mediators have worked for months to reach a hostage/ceasefire deal, involving the US, Egypt and Qatar. [axios.com, apnews.com]

  • Israel urged Palestinians to evacuate eastern Rafah before a military operation and conducted targeted strikes against Hamas there. [bbc.com]

  • The US urged Israel to avoid significant Rafah action over civilian casualty concerns, but some say Israel must act in Rafah against Hamas threats. [algemeiner.com]

  • Thousands fled eastern Rafah after Israel’s evacuation order amid fears of military assault. [economictimes.indiatimes.com, ft.com]

  • Hamas believes the proposal is satisfactory while Israel insists on temporary ceasefire and hostage release. [tass.com, algemeiner.com]

  • Egypt communicates with parties to prevent escalation and calls for restraint during negotiations. [ahram.org.eg, tass.com]

  • International bodies warn of humanitarian crisis and catastrophe if Israel conducts Rafah operation. [ahram.org.eg]

What is Israeli media saying:

  • The ceasefire is seen as a Hamas trap to prevent addressing core issues, with intense Cairo negotiations despite Hamas acceptance. [jpost.com]

  • Israel should demand unconditional hostage release and Hamas resignation in exchange for halting Rafah operation. [jpost.com, i24news.tv]