On May 6th, 2024, the annual “March of the Living” event at the former Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp in Poland was disrupted by pro-Palestinian protesters.

  • A small group of protesters waved Palestinian flags and claimed there was a “genocide” happening in Gaza, disrupting the solemn memorial march. (The Times of Israel, The Media Line)

  • The march, attended by thousands of Jews from around the world, including Holocaust survivors, was meant to commemorate the victims of the Nazi genocide. (The Jerusalem Post, Arab News, The Times of Israel, The Media Line, DW)

  • Some publications, such as The Sun and Yahoo News, reported that the protesters “heckled” or “jeered” at the Holocaust survivors participating in the march. (The Sun, Yahoo News)

  • The disruption was widely condemned by Jewish organizations and Israeli officials, who called it an insensitive and offensive act. (The Jerusalem Post, The Algemeiner)

  • The incident occurred amid heightened tensions between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza, with both sides exchanging rocket fire and airstrikes. (The Los Angeles Times, The Jerusalem Post)

  • Some survivors of both the Holocaust and the recent Hamas rocket attacks in Israel participated in the march, highlighting the ongoing trauma and violence faced by Jews. (The Los Angeles Times)

  • The German publication Welt described the protesters as “pro-Palestinian demonstrators” who disrupted the “March of the Living” event. (Welt)

  • Israeli media outlets, such as Ynet News and Israel Hayom, also covered the incident, expressing outrage at the disruption of the solemn event. (Ynet News, Israel Hayom)