What happened?

  • Sen. Lindsey Graham warned against stalling U.S. military aid for Israel, saying it would reward Hamas tactics of putting civilians at risk.
  • Graham suggested that Israel should use nuclear bombs against Hamas and drew a parallel between Israel’s fight against Hamas and the U.S.’s use of nuclear bombs on Japan in WWII.
  • Graham expressed strong support for Israel, urging for the provision of necessary bombs to end the war.
  • Graham criticized Hamas for using civilians as human shields and endangering lives in Gaza.

What is Arab media saying:

  • Graham compared Israel’s war on Gaza to the US decision to drop atomic bombs on Japan in World War II, claiming it was the right decision, and advised Israel to end the Gaza war with severe methods, including nuclear weapons. [alquds.co.uk, albawaba.com]
  • Graham suggested giving Israel the bombs needed to end the war, claiming they cannot bear the loss. [alquds.co.uk, albawaba.com]
  • When asked about US actions in Lebanon, Graham brought up World War II again, questioning the acceptability of threatening Israel now when nuclear bombs were used back then. [alquds.co.uk, albawaba.com]
  • Critics challenged Graham’s analogy due to historical context questioning the morality and necessity of the U.S.’s nuclear use on Japan. [alquds.co.uk, albawaba.com]

What is International media saying:

  • Graham believes Israel should use any means necessary, including nuclear weapons, to defeat Hamas in Gaza, comparing it to the U.S. dropping atomic bombs in WWII. [yahoo.com, nbcnews.com, businessinsider.com]
  • Graham introduced a resolution condemning President Biden’s freeze of military aid to Israel, co-sponsored by 47 GOP senators, demanding that Biden fulfill Israel’s military-aid requests. [nypost.com]
  • Graham criticized President Biden for considering withholding certain weapons from Israel in response to plans for a ground invasion in Rafah, Gaza, claiming it would embolden Hamas. [yahoo.com, nbcnews.com]
  • Graham argued that Israel faces existential threats from Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas who seek to destroy the Jewish state, making the situation comparable to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. [washingtonexaminer.com]
  • Graham warned against letting Bernie Sanders and the ‘squad’ influence the U.S.’s approach to supporting Israel, criticizing their views on military aid. [washingtonexaminer.com]
  • Sanders opposes further U.S. military aid to Israel based on a State Department report. [foxnews.com]
  • Despite military officials’ claims of advanced weapons technology reducing civilian casualties, Graham dismissed their assertions. [businessinsider.com]

What is Israeli media saying:

  • Graham emphasizes the importance of full American support for Israel against its existential threats, especially during Holocaust Remembrance Month. [i24news.tv]
  • U.S. Senator Mitt Romney and 24 Republican colleagues introduced legislation to cut American funding to the United Nations if the Palestinian Authority is granted more privileges, arguing that the U.S. should not support an organization that promotes and rewards terrorism. [jns.org]