• Lily Greenberg, a Jewish political appointee at the U.S. Interior Department, resigned in protest over the Biden administration’s response to the recent conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza.
  • Greenberg cited the administration’s “inaction” and failure to condemn the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza as the reason for her resignation.
  • Greenberg’s resignation letter criticized the administration’s “anti-Palestinian policies” and accused it of “emboldening an already extremely right-wing Israeli government.”
  • The resignation comes amid growing criticism from progressive Democrats and human rights groups over the Biden administration’s response to the Gaza conflict, which has left dozens of Palestinians dead.
  • The White House has defended its approach, stating that it has engaged in “quiet, intensive diplomacy” to bring about a ceasefire.
  • Greenberg’s resignation is seen as a symbolic rebuke of the administration’s policies and a reflection of the internal tensions within the Democratic Party over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.