• The US military has constructed a temporary pier off the coast of Gaza to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid and essential supplies to the region following the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas. [Multiple sources]
  • The pier, a massive floating dock, was towed from a US naval base in Greece and anchored off the Gaza coast, providing a platform for offloading aid shipments directly onto the beach. [CNN, NBC News, Fox News]
  • The construction of the pier is part of the Biden administration’s $320 million aid package for Gaza, aimed at supporting the region’s recovery efforts and alleviating the humanitarian crisis. [Fox News]
  • The first shipment of British aid, including medical supplies and equipment, departed from Cyprus and is expected to arrive at the temporary pier soon. [Times of Israel, Associated Press]
  • Israeli officials have expressed concerns about the potential diversion of aid to Hamas, the militant group that controls Gaza, and have called for strict monitoring measures. [Jerusalem Post]
  • Hamas has welcomed the aid efforts but warned that the humanitarian crisis in Gaza cannot be resolved without addressing the root causes, such as the Israeli blockade and the lack of a political solution. [Ynet News]
  • The United Nations and other international organizations have praised the US initiative, emphasizing the urgent need for humanitarian assistance in Gaza, where the recent conflict has exacerbated already dire living conditions. [CNN, NBC News]


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