What happened?

  • Defense Minister Yoav Gallant criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s handling of the situation in Gaza, warning that his refusal to consider an alternative to Hamas could jeopardize the military achievements of the IDF and entangle Israel in a prolonged conflict.
  • Gallant warned that an Israeli military government in Gaza would be strategically, security-wise, and militarily harmful for Israel, leading to high security risks and economic burdens, and called on Netanyahu to declare that Israel will not rule civilian in Gaza and push for a Palestinian alternative to Hamas.

What is Israeli media saying:

  • Gallant’s speech was seen as an indictment of Netanyahu’s handling of the situation, with concerns raised about the ongoing military operation without a clear plan for the future of Gaza, and international diplomats suspecting that Netanyahu is prolonging the conflict for political survival. [mako.co.il, haaretz.co.il]
  • Gallant’s words revealed deep divisions within the government on managing the situation in Gaza, with Gallant calling for an alternative to Hamas and civilian control to be handed over to the Palestinians, facing strong opposition from Netanyahu, Smotrich, and Ben Gvir. [mako.co.il, makorrishon.co.il, haaretz.co.il, maariv.co.il]

What is Arab media saying?

  • Galant’s message is an indictment against Netanyahu, highlighting the risks of continuing a futile war and the futility of political calculations, indicating a crisis of trust at the peak of a failed war. [alquds.co.uk]
  • Galant’s call, although made for months, is strategically timed after recent losses suffered by the Israeli army, indicating a fear of getting involved in a war of attrition and the consequences of military rule without a viable alternative to dealing with Hamas. [alquds.co.uk]
  • Galant’s rebellion against the government serves as a blow to ministers Gantz and Eisenkot who have remained silent despite Israel’s losses and Netanyahu’s undermining of its capabilities, potentially leading to their shortened tenure in government. [alquds.co.uk]

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