What happened?

  • South Africa is expected to ask the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to order Israel to immediately withdraw from the southern Gaza city of Rafah and cease its military offensive, citing irreparable harm and the threat to the very survival of Palestinians in Gaza. [nytimes.com, apnews.com, france24.com, aljazeera.net, timesofisrael.com, haaretz.com, ynetnews.com]
  • The International Court of Justice (ICJ) will hold hearings on Thursday and Friday to discuss new emergency measures requested by South Africa due to Israeli attacks on Rafah in southern Gaza, as part of an ongoing case accusing Israel of committing genocide against Palestinians. [aljazeera.net, ahram.org.eg, timesofisrael.com, haaretz.com]
  • South Africa claims that Israel’s control over border crossings in southern Gaza has put the flow of humanitarian supplies and hospital functions at extreme risk, and wants Israel to allow unimpeded access for international officials, investigators, and journalists. [nytimes.com, apnews.com, france24.com]
  • The ICJ has previously ordered Israel to prevent death, destruction, and genocide in Gaza, but the main case is not expected to start until next year. South Africa argues the ongoing situation warrants a new order for a ceasefire. [nytimes.com, apnews.com, france24.com]

What is International media saying:

  • More than 40 UN rapporteurs and independent experts denounced US and Israeli threats against the International Criminal Court (ICC), which they said was an attempt to intimidate an independent tribunal and thwart accountability. [ahram.org.eg]
  • ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan confirmed threats of retaliation against the court and its personnel, which the Prosecutor warned could constitute an offence against the administration of justice. [ahram.org.eg]
  • US Senators threatened ICC Prosecutor Khan with severe sanctions if warrants were issued against Israeli officials, and vowed to end US support for the ICC and sanction its employees. [ahram.org.eg]
  • South Africa accuses Israel of violating the UN Genocide Convention, while Israel denies these claims, and Egypt has joined South Africa in bringing a case against Israel to the ICJ. [ahram.org.eg]
  • Egypt is leading mediation efforts between Hamas and Israel to end the war on Gaza, which has resulted in the displacement of nearly 450,000 Palestinians from Rafah and 100,000 from northern Gaza, with no place considered safe. [ahram.org.eg]

What is Israeli media saying:

  • A team led by Israel’s Deputy Attorney General is en route to the Hague to present Israel’s arguments against South Africa’s request for emergency measures to stop Israel’s military operation in Gaza. [ynetnews.com]
  • Even if the court orders a halt to hostilities, Israel may not necessarily comply, and non-compliance could lead the matter to the UN Security Council, where a potential American veto could impact the situation. [ynetnews.com]
  • Israel denies committing genocide in Gaza, stating it tries to spare civilians and blames Hamas for embedding in civilian areas, leading to civilian casualties. [haaretz.com]
  • Israel began increasing humanitarian aid supply after warnings from the US President in April, but concerns remain, and the Rafah Crossing closure remains a point of contention, with blame shifted to Egypt by Israel. [timesofisrael.com]
  • The court has previously expressed concern over potential IDF campaigns in Rafah and issued orders to increase humanitarian aid, and the ICJ’s urgency in calling for hearings might indicate firmer orders to be issued against Israel. [timesofisrael.com]

What is Arab media saying:

  • An international conference titled “The Global Conference Against Apartheid in Palestine” was held in Johannesburg for three days, aiming to establish a global movement against apartheid in Palestine. [aljazeera.net]
  • South Africa has a strong moral authority globally due to its successful struggle against apartheid, making it an ideal location for such a conference, and South Africans express solidarity with the Palestinian cause, drawing parallels between their struggle and that of Palestine against apartheid. [aljazeera.net]
  • Previous international efforts against Israel have helped keep awareness of Palestinian suffering alive, but have not achieved the goal of isolating and dismantling Israel, and a global movement is being formed to isolate, pursue, and dismantle Israel through international coordination, without conflicting with all forms of resistance, including armed resistance. [aljazeera.net]
  • The Oslo Accords undermined Palestinian national struggle by prioritizing negotiations, leading to a crisis within the Palestinian national movement, but the recent shift in Palestinian resistance following significant events like the “October War” opens new opportunities to reorganize and activate various forms of resistance in a coherent strategic vision. [aljazeera.net]