What happened?

  • Egypt warns against Israeli military actions near Palestinian-Egyptian borders in Rafah, stating it worsens the humanitarian situation and won’t be accepted internationally.
  • An Israeli security delegation visited Egypt to discuss the crisis over Israel’s military invasion of Rafah city in Gaza.
  • Israel took control of the Palestinian side of the Rafah crossing, defying opposition and hindering aid delivery.
  • Israel denies genocide claims, while South Africa, Egypt, Libya, Nicaragua, Colombia condemned Israel’s actions as violating international law.
  • The UN chief expressed being “appalled” by Israel’s military escalation in Rafah.

What is Arab media saying:

  • Negotiations for a Gaza ceasefire are stagnant amidst tensions between Tel Aviv and Cairo.
  • Egypt refused to coordinate with Israel for aid access through Rafah crossing and accused Israel of distorting facts.
  • Egypt calls for a ceasefire, denounces displacement attempts, and urges actions to stop Israel’s war, joining South Africa’s lawsuit, emphasizes support for Palestinian cause, two-state solution, Palestinian Authority, and expects these to influence Manama Summit outcomes.

What is Israeli media saying:

  • The Rafah operation led to tensions with Egypt recalling its ambassador and threatening downgraded relations, but common interests helped navigate past difficulties.
  • An Israeli delegation visited Cairo to ease tensions over Rafah offensive, including renewal of Gaza aid, but returned without clear progress.
  • Egypt expressed anger over Israel controlling Palestinian side of Rafah crossing and threatened to join genocide case, warning peace accord could be in danger.
  • Egypt halted Gaza aid shipments until Rafah operation ceases, while US struggles with peacekeeping force plan and Arab countries disagree on post-war Gaza plans.