• Israel initially confiscated camera equipment from the Associated Press (AP) news agency while they were filming in the Gaza Strip, citing national security concerns. [ntv.co.jp, derstandard.de, iz.ru, newarab.com, news.yahoo.com, english.aawsat.com, dailymaverick.co.za, arabstoday.net]
  • Israel later returned the confiscated equipment after facing criticism from the US administration, journalistic organizations, and Israeli opposition. [ntv.co.jp, derstandard.de, iz.ru, newarab.com, news.yahoo.com, english.aawsat.com, dailymaverick.co.za, arabstoday.net]
  • The White House expressed concerns over the confiscation and urged Israel to give back the camera kit, stating that journalists have the right to carry out their work without hindrance. [newarab.com, iz.ru, news.yahoo.com, english.aawsat.com, dailymaverick.co.za]
  • The AP condemned the Israeli government’s actions, claiming the government misused the law to block the broadcast and seized the camera and equipment. [hurriyetdailynews.com, france24.com]
  • The confiscation was reportedly based on a new Israeli media law that allows the government to obstruct international media if it is considered a threat to national security. [derstandard.de, siol.net, newscontinue.com, hurriyetdailynews.com, france24.com]
  • The United Nations, the US, and media freedom organizations criticized Israel’s actions, with the UN spokesperson calling the decision “shocking” and emphasizing the importance of allowing journalists to work freely. [siol.net, newscontinue.com, hurriyetdailynews.com, france24.com, dailymaverick.co.za]
  • Israel recently passed a new media law primarily targeting Al Jazeera, allowing authorities to interrupt broadcasts from Israel, close foreign media offices, and seize their equipment, and has closed Al Jazeera’s office in Jerusalem and its facilities in the West Bank. [siol.net]
  • The Israeli government was accused of taking this action as a measure against AP for providing footage to the Qatari TV station Al-Jazeera, which the government had warned AP not to share material with. [ntv.co.jp, derstandard.de, yahoo.com, bankier.pl]
  • The Israeli government has long accused Al Jazeera of bias in reporting on the Gaza war, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu labeling the station as “terrorist.” [bankier.pl]


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