• Israel has adjusted its military plans for a large-scale ground offensive in Rafah, Gaza Strip, in response to concerns raised by the United States, scaling down the operation. [news.yahoo.com, nachrichten.yahoo.com, welt.de, zeit.de, cursorinfo.co.il, freenet.de]
  • A senior Biden administration official stated that Israel has abandoned plans for a large offensive in Rafah and will proceed in a more limited manner. [zeit.de, cursorinfo.co.il, freenet.de]
  • President Joe Biden expressed reluctance for Israel to launch a large-scale ground offensive in Rafah, where many displaced Palestinians are located due to the conflict with Hamas. [news.yahoo.com, nachrichten.yahoo.com, spiegel.de]
  • The United States opposes a large-scale Israeli ground offensive in Rafah, while Israel aims to defeat remaining Hamas forces in the city. [welt.de]
  • Despite international opposition, Israel initiated a ground attack in parts of Rafah earlier this month, raising concerns from Washington for the safety of over one million civilians trapped in the area. [news.yahoo.com, welt.de]
  • UNRWA temporarily suspended food distribution in Rafah due to delivery shortages and security concerns caused by the Israeli offensive. [spiegel.de, nachrichten.yahoo.com, welt.de]
  • UN distribution centers in Rafah are inaccessible, causing a suspension of food distribution, and US aid shipments to Gaza through a temporary military dock are facing challenges. [nachrichten.yahoo.com, spiegel.de, welt.de]


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